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Goodreads Book Winners!

I want to thank everyone who participated in my Goodreads book giveaway this month.  A total of 547 people entered into this contest for a chance to win a signed copy of my poetry book After the Storm!  Congratulations to the two winners , I hope that you enjoy the book!

New Poem “Sweet Thoughts”


Sweet Thoughts
Dreaming of the memories that we shared;
I realize how much you cared.
The warm embrace of your passion for life,
Brings the dream to life.
The tender touch of your delicate love,
Touched my innermost thoughts.
So much good in the world
You opened my mind to.
I dreamed of how our love was,
Honest and true.
I awoke saying
How much I love you.


New Poem “Honor Our Brave”

Honor Our Brave

Honor those who served,
The great men and women,
Whose dedication to our country
Does not hesitate or swerve.

Courage running through their veins;
Ready to do what’s right
In order to keep America safe,
From those who wish us harm.

Support our soldiers,
As they come home to us,
Here’s to those warriors
Who fight for us.

Poem “Darkness on Earth”

Darkness on Earth
The earth grows dark with greed
Values that mislead
Tears are shed because
The heart no longer beats
Mourning the stars
That used to shine
Now lost to unlit candles of life
Now children are hopeless
To our hearts
As tears are shed
For each child that is misled

Poem “In the Moonlight”

In the Moonlight
My darling, I want to dance
Till the moonlight
Captures our romance
Till the brilliance of the stars
Glows in your eyes
My darling, I want to dance
Till the ocean caresses your heart
As your eyes sparkle in the sky
Beyond the tears of tomorrow’s good-byes

Book Layout Design and Book Award

This month I started working with my graphic designer Christina Hicks on the book layout design for After the Storm: Poetry That Refreshes the Soul. The Layout design consists of two phases: the initial proof and the final proof before the poetry book goes to print.  I am very excited in completing this journey!

I wanted to share some great news! Last week I received an email from the  Readers Favorite website that I won a bronze readers favorite award for my debut chapbook A Book of Poems.

Book Cover Design

This month brought several challenges working with my graphic designer Blake Brasor on my next poetry book: After the Storm: Poetry That Refreshes the Soul.  I wanted to share questions that came up during a phone call with him on designing the book cover:

-How did you come up with your title?

-Are there any major themes, reoccurring elements, or symbolism in your story?

-What type of person do you think would be most interested in your book? 

-What is the main focal point of your book?

After answering these questions Blake will be able to sketch and brainstorm cover ideas for my book. I hope these questions help you in creating your book cover!