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Book Layout Design and Book Award

This month I started working with my graphic designer Christina Hicks on the book layout design for After the Storm: Poetry That Refreshes the Soul. The Layout design consists of two phases: the initial proof and the final proof before the poetry book goes to print.  I am very excited in completing this journey!

I wanted to share some great news! Last week I received an email from the  Readers Favorite website that I won a bronze readers favorite award for my debut chapbook A Book of Poems.

Book Cover Design

This month brought several challenges working with my graphic designer Blake Brasor on my next poetry book: After the Storm: Poetry That Refreshes the Soul.  I wanted to share questions that came up during a phone call with him on designing the book cover:

-How did you come up with your title?

-Are there any major themes, reoccurring elements, or symbolism in your story?

-What type of person do you think would be most interested in your book? 

-What is the main focal point of your book?

After answering these questions Blake will be able to sketch and brainstorm cover ideas for my book. I hope these questions help you in creating your book cover!