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New Poem: Torn Past

Torn Past
I’ve had a long look at my past
Alone like a key in a lock
Without what it takes to turn open.

I gave you sorrow to hang on your wall
Like a painting in one color.
I wear a torn stain of red on my sleeve.

I shuffle among the lies
Turning them over, like pages of a magazine.
if only I could be sure what I’d lost.

I uncover my steps, I wish
Someone would open my eyes.
It could be all in the mind. Anyway
Nothing seems to bring you back to me.

When you are gone all but this moment,
Change is bleeding from me,
For speaking either truth or comfort
I have no more lies to give.


New Poem: Letting Go


Letting Go

It hurts so much to know,
When love means letting go.
And no one can tell me
That they’ve felt my pain.

Will someone show me how
To start over again?
Because I can’t get past you.
My head denies but my heart knows,
Your goodbyes will come.
I stare out into the empty sea,
I can feel your soft touch
In my empty hand.

Wake me,
Like the morning sunshine piercing my window.
Tell me I am not dreaming.
Turn back the clocks
When I first saw your smile,
And all that’s best of sparkling and bright.
When I gazed in your eyes:
to that tender light,
How heavenly it would be to see that again.

You glow in my heart
Like the flames of infinite candles.
There is no corner, no dark place,
Your warmth could not fill.
And if the world starts causing waves,
It was your devotion that made them still.

And yes you always speak to me,
In sweet honesty and truth.
Your caring heart kept out the rain,
Your warmth, the ultimate shelter.

Time can’t destroy its beauty
For, as long as your memory lives,
Years can’t erase the pleasure
That the joy of your friendship gives.
But, I don’t think I could survive
Looking into your eyes and saying goodbye.

New Poem “Clouds of Love”

Clouds of Love

Soaring amongst the clouds
Limitless I drift,
Freedom within my soul,
As a July breeze piercing my fair skin.
The rain cleansing my wrongs,
As a mist of grace
Appears before my eyes.
Finally, forgiveness is granted,
As I approach my final destination.
He looked at me not in disgrace,
But pride was in his eyes.
Like a friend,
He was there to the very end.


New Poem “Summer Day”

Summer Day

It’s beautiful this Summer day
Great is the warmth,
And wide as the sun rays
Bright and glowing as I escape to the shade.

With all of God’s flowers in bloom
The birds begin to rejoice on the leafy trees.
So exquisitely sweet,
This mellow gentle breeze.

With the water clear and blue,
I dip my fingers
Through the cool waters of the spring
Bubbling up through shiny sands.

But this day will pass
Beyond the pleasantest things,
Of this glorious day
When all summer days shall end.

The Crossroad Novel

Jennifer McFadden and I worked very hard on both Emma and Olivia, and since they both have their own story to tell, The Enchanted Locket novel is Olivia’s story where she encounters Spirits once she finds the locket.

Emma Chapman’s story was the original tale we brainstormed two years ago. Her story is called The Crossroad, as she needs to find a way to cross over to the Spirit World to see her parents again. Last night I worked on adapting Emma’s story by changing John and Olivia’s character name to Adam and Julia Chapman. Adam is a descendent of Emma from her cousin and best friend, Elizabeth.

As Emma and Julia learn about each other, they form a strong family bond. But Emma’s not the only Spirit living in that house. Julia’s life is now in danger…..

New Poem “Honor Our Brave”

Honor Our Brave

Honor those who served,
The great men and women,
Whose dedication to our country
Does not hesitate or swerve.

Courage running through their veins;
Ready to do what’s right
In order to keep America safe,
From those who wish us harm.

Support our soldiers,
As they come home to us,
Here’s to those warriors
Who fight for us.

Poem “Path of Life”

The Path of Life
A cool crisp breeze on a winter morning
Captures the landscape of my soul
Embracing the love that once stood proud
To the everlasting happiness that surrounds
Each breath, each moment, each beat of my heart
From the ends of the blue oceans of your eyes to the
Ends of the green pastures of land within your soul
We leave a path of love for us to remember
What we had in our hearts
Till the end of time