A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul – Poetry


This collection of poetry contains the work of nineteen poems. Each poem expresses emotions of love, happiness, sadness and hope.

After the Storm: Poetry That Refreshes the Soul– Poetry


The delicate petal of a flower, the roaring crash of a wave, the whispered prayer of a child. After the Storm unites gentle imagery with a depth of emotion.

The son of Italian immigrants, Anthony F. Rando has a vivid collection of memories from his experiences. Each poem articulates a specter of sentiments, from wonder for beauty or tender expressions of love to the turmoil of a troubled soul. After the Storm also includes various forms, from ballads to sonnets. Open your heart to these beautiful thoughts, a continuation of Anthony F. Rando’s collection of poems, A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul.

After the Storm embodies important moments from the author’s life. Join Anthony in his raw honesty as he explores nature, love, remorse, emptiness, and healing through poems that cleanse the soul.