New Poem “Beautiful Beginning”

Beautiful Beginning

I hear your whispers
Each morning when I rise.
You’re the last thing I think of
Each night when I close my eyes.

You’re in each thought I have
And every breath I take.
My feelings are growing stronger
With every move I make.

I want to prove my love to you
But that’s the hardest part.
So, I’m giving all I have;
I give you my heart.

You greet me with a smile,
And leave me with a kiss.
In the passion I see in your eyes,
Is a love that equals mine.

If you leave me now,
I couldn’t imagine what I’d miss.
The memories of us,
Your touch, or your kiss.

Never do you fail to lift my spirits,
Just by the sound of your voice.
To me you are like a rose,
Basking in the sunshine.

I feel like I’m losing control
I’m nervous inside and out.
These butterflies inside of me,
Keep fluttering all throughout.

Stop the hands of time
And make the world give us a little more time.
I want to dance with you for a life-time,
And hold you close to my heart.



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