New Poem “Stained Love”

Stained Love

I will summon you
You will come undone
You have given me life,
When you fall for me with that sweet embrace that takes us closer to the love we want
That we yearn in each other that encapsulates who we are
In each moment that we share.
The rush of us as love pours into our hearts keeping us bound together.

That love that cannot follow any other
What a crazy love that cascades down like the rain against the window pane.
How can this be?
Is this God’s lesson to me?
Why is He teaching me a lesson again?
Is this meant to be?
Will my heart be stained again or will this last?

I crossed paths that led to darkened roads
With no hope or the help of those I loved in the past
But He was there.
Day and night risking His very existence to protect me from a war that would have claimed me.
With each step He follows me like a shadow down the road of life.
But why?
I am tired of lessons that have no reward, no hope, no ending, sadness measured by my darkness.
How many times will love pass me by till I find you again.
Your memory won’t let me go.
I want to yearn everything that brings us whole.
The look as we gazed into each others eyes,
The tender touch of love that can only be felt between people in love.
Wishing to see you again with the arms of an angel cradling us amongst the stars.

But I am selfish,
Selfish about God’s timing.
I miss you terribly
I miss your smile – I miss your smile
But the truth is not today.
We crossed paths in the past
But God has a plan for us and one day we will see that path in the white mountain tops
That surrounds our hearts
And I will see your smile and I will know – I will know
And I will say “today it will happen.”
With your eyes closed I will catch you and not let go.

But not today – Not today
Happy is something we wish for.
The word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.
It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and kindness.
To find each other, learn about each other and grow old with each other.
If my world were to collapse tomorrow,
I would look back on all the pleasures, excitements and memories I have been lucky enough to have.
Not the sadness, not my darkness and hopelessness.
In the joy of everything I will find my peace, my freedom and my memories of you.
I will taste every moment in each and every way.
Till then, I will find you again.
No flame will burn brighter to hold you once more.


10 thoughts on “New Poem “Stained Love”

  1. Angela Chelsea Joseph

    wow, remarkable piece,

    regrets, passion, longing, yet fears…

    love the ending, memories will be the thing hanging at your mind, giving you some comfort.
    bless you.
    thanks for sharing a lovely poem and a honest feedback from your past.

    Happy Rally.

  2. elizena

    This piece was incredible and I have a knot in my throat. When we love someone we can be incredibly impatient and we want to be with that person now. It’s not just the strong attraction we feel for that person, but this all consuming love that says, “I’d die for you,” however it has to be in God’s time not ours. If now is the time when we will finally be together God will open that door and it’ll happen, but today is not the day and maybe not even tomorrow, but the day will come when God will say, “Okay, now you’re ready for this relationship,” and His perfect time will finally have come. Now to pray for patience.
    Like I said at the beginning, this is an incredible piece so full of love and passion, but also with a faith that God will finally bring together two people that were meant to be in a godly relationship. Thanks so much for sharing; praying your week is blessed.

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