The Steps to Blogging

After being away from regular blogging here for a couple of weeks, I had to remind myself of  various essential tasks  that used to come just naturally after I had written a blog post.

I wrote them down as a reminder to myself and to share with you:

Before publishing the blog post

  1. Check spelling and grammar.
  2. Look at the post and paragraph length and alter if necessary. Can I make better use of lists to emphasise points and make the post more easily readable
  3. Have I put in too many links to external sources? If so could I reduce these.
  4. Can I add any links to my previous posts to bring them to readers and search engine attention again.
  5. Make sure the post appears as I want it in Search Engine Listings by using the correct tags in WordPress.
  6. Check the final draft to ensure the layout is what I intended and images are aligned and sized appropriately.

After Publishing

  1. Visit other blogs and comment to let them know that I am still around. (I have been so busy with other matters lately I have neglected my blogging friends and for this I apologize)
  2. Follow up. Repost a tweet, maybe using different but still content appropriate text. Answer any comments on my blog and any other place that has elicited a response.
  3. Feel satisfied that I have completed the tasks involved in writing and publishing a post.


2 thoughts on “The Steps to Blogging

  1. Stacy S. Jensen

    I scheduled today’s post earlier in the week. This morning, I realized I didn’t put a title on the post. Yikes! Great reminders here Anthony.

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