The Power of Faith

In Luke 17:5 the apostle said to Jesus, “Lord increase our faith.” How do you do accomplish that? I’d like to have more faith. The question is how? If faith is what makes my life rewarding and fulfilling and confident how does God build my faith? 

The truth is God builds our faith by testing it. January 18, 2012 God tested my faith. I was involved in an auto accident with some injures to my chest, right shoulder and neck. After this accident my faith in God grew stronger. “Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.”Khalil Gibran

 How has God tested your faith?


6 thoughts on “The Power of Faith

  1. fandina72

    Whilst I haven’t recently been in a car accident, I have had many ‘faith-building’ experiences. I completely agree – God uses our circumstances to build our faith. Too often, we see it as punishment and go down the ‘why me’ road but it’s not punishment at all. Rather it’s God’s loving, guiding hand, urging us to trust Him ever more.

    I’m glad you are okay and hope you are fully recovered soon. It’s inspiring and encouraging to see you choosing to use this to grow your faith instead of allowing self-pity to set in.

    Thanks for such an honest, real post Anthony. Just wonderful 🙂

  2. Jeannie Leflar

    Tony I’m sorry to hear you were injured in an accident. I hope the road to healing is not a long one. Although these rough spots are often times of incredible spiritual growth it may be a slow yet progressive journey, much like your physical healing. The important thing is to do what you have done and that is to put all of your well-being in the hands of God. I know this is true in my own life. This past year has been one of tremendous heartache for me on multiple levels. And God held my hand through it all.

  3. Inside the Mind of Isadora

    So sorry to see that you were in a severe accident. May you heal and recover
    I don’t think that something has to happen in order for us to have faith. What we
    do need, at times, are reminders not forget that there is someone more powerful ( whoever or whatever you believe) than us that we have not honored or thanked for the blessings we have. We all need faith in something despite what some might say.
    Be well … and … God Bless

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