New Poem “The Blossoming Child”

A Poem from my new Poetry Book:

The Blossoming Child
A child’s effortless ways
Stem from the roots of a bud
Blossoming into a delicate flower

Innocence can be explored
Through a child’s eyes
Pure like the untouched smile on a newborn baby
Carefree and protected in a mother’s warmth

A child’s eye portrays life
Like endless waterfalls
Searching for mysteries of life

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The delicate petal of a flower, the roaring crash of a wave, the whispered prayer of a child. After the Storm unites gentle imagery with a depth of emotion.

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Product Details
Perfect Paperback: 116 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613466412
ISBN-13: 978-1613466414


11 thoughts on “New Poem “The Blossoming Child”

  1. Shalyn Carter

    Always a joy to read your beautiful words~ You are truly gifted to speak to the hearts of those who need it. I would recommend any of Anthony F. Rando’s poetry books. ~The Carters~ Las Vegas

  2. Jeannie Leflar

    Congratulations on your new book–I just ordered a copy through Amazon! The poetry is exquisite and touches my heart. I’m anxious to re-follow your blog, and follow your work. My life took a detour but I am back writing again myself. Onward and best wishes to you!

  3. Jeannie Leflar

    Tony, I received your new poetry book, “After the Storm”, in the mail yesterday and have read it from cover to cover. It’s beautiful and inspiring; I love your word choices. It touched my heart. You did a wonderful job.

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