Poem “A Gift from God”

A Gift from God

This year there is a present under my Christmas tree,
I wonder whose it is for?
Is it for me?
It’s tempting to look at,
Sitting there by itself;
Wrapped so perfectly.

The ribbon is white,
The paper is red;
“Who does it belong to?”
Why can’t I get this out of my head;
I decided to sneak a look,
And see whose name is on the tag;

It will only take a second,
It won’t be a difficult task.
When no one was looking,
I reached for the box under the Christmas tree,
Carefully holding the gift,
“Who knows, it may be for me!”

A glance at the tag,
I thought it was extraordinarily odd,
Because the message read,
“Love and blessings,” God.
Without hesitation I decide to unravel the ribbon.
To see what is inside.

To my astonishment,
The box was empty inside.
“Why would this be?”
Is it God telling me;
I have everything in my life?
Or maybe, love and blessings is all I need to get by.

Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “Poem “A Gift from God”

  1. Morning

    this one makes me giggle loudly,

    from your curiosity to look at the gift box, love and blessings are what it says, empty box, full of wonders.

    magical holiday piece, thanks for sharing.


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