National Writing Month

Wishing all the writers good luck as we head into the final hours of National Writing Month.  I was able to complete 50,045 words on Sunday, November 27 for my Mafia novel The Captain.  I will spend the month of December editing my novel before sending it to professional editing.

Good Luck to all participants this year!



6 thoughts on “National Writing Month

  1. Elizabeth

    Congratulations! I fell short of 50K, but managed about 30K – it’s a start, and I have clearer directions for my characters. Odds are, I’ll get absorbed into the NaNo Collective again next year too! 😉

  2. Anthony F. Rando Post author

    30k is still a great accomplishment for one month time. National writing month is a great way to take our our ideas and turn them into a novel.

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