Poem “I’m Thankful…”

I’m Thankful…

…for the loud noises outside my window,
because it means I am alive.

…for coffee at the beginning of the day,
because it keeps me awake.

…for my laptop at home,
because it means I can share my poetry.

…for the money that I make
because it means I can pay my mortgage

…for the family in my life,
because I love them.

…for the snow to shovel.
because it means I have a home.

…for all the complaining I hear about the government,
because it means that I have freedom of speech.

…for my expensive heating bill,
because it means I am warm at night.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


8 thoughts on “Poem “I’m Thankful…”

  1. Kay Salady

    Every morning I wake up and say, thank you! I am thankful for each new day that I am alive, for my children and for my dog, Honey. Simple things bring the greatest joy. Thank you for your poem, Anthony. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Andy

    I’m thankful to live another day. Anything else on top of that is an added bonus.
    I enjoyed reading this.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Mine’s here:
    Beautiful Woman Of My Heart

    I’m also having a celebration of sorts over at my blog. You’re welcome to attend. For more information, please click here…

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