Poem “Brave Ending”

Brave Ending

Fighting for our freedom,
Fall of a courageous soldier
Resting in Heaven
People united
To ensure their liberty
Out of many, we are one

I nominate SARAH JOHNSTON for the next poetry award

Thank you to those who nominated me for this Award and to Ava for selecting my poem: http://anthonyfrando.net/2011/10/04/poem-darkness-on-earth/


6 thoughts on “Poem “Brave Ending”

  1. Inside the Mind of Isadora

    This poem could be a tribute to our soldiers. I wrote a poem about going to war but it is a different war. It is the war of the streets:Boorklyn, New York. I’ve posted it below. It is about a policeman but could have easily been a fireman. It is for anyone who serves even the communities that people live in. Keeping them safe while they sleep snuggly in their beds and his family has to try to “Sleep well my dear” ….
    Good write … Congrats on the award.


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