A Lesson in Author Business Cards

If you are an author looking to promote yourself you must realize you are the business. Your business logo is your professional photo and your products are the books you write.

What to include on an Author’s Business Card
1. Email Address
Provide your email address so people can contact you and connect with you.

2. Your Photo
This helps people remember who you are!

3. Website or Blog Url
Give people the ability to find out more about you if they are interested later.

4. A Tagline
This will serve as a quick reminder of what you write without going into a detailed summary blurb.

5. Your Name 
I think this one is obvious 🙂

6. Genre or Subgenre
If it isn’t clear in your tagline, mention the genre or subgenre you write in. Be brief. If you write in more than one genre, simply list them.

7. Phone Number

I’d rather not place my telephone numbers on a business card but you can.

Using VistaPrint I created the following business card:

Front Image of Business Card

Back Image of Business Card


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