Remembering The Past 9/11/01

In 2001 I experienced the twin towers disaster with my own eyes.  Standing less than eight blocks away I watched in horror and confusion of the situation at hand.  Unaware that the twin towers could collapse my co-workers and I watched the top halves of the towers burn in flames and smoke. We watched in shock as people from the top floors of the towers  were trapped  from the heat of the burning towers.  One by one they began to  jump from the  top floor windows of the towers into the clouds of heaven. At this time I felt in my heart I should take the Staten Ferry back to Staten Island where I live. I told my coworker that I was leaving to head back home. A coworker grabbed my hand and said “don’t go towards the towers to go home.”  Moments after this we felt the rumble below our feet as the street began to lift up from us. The South tower began to collapse.

Running as fast as we could towards Canal Street in a cloud of smoke my eyes focused toward the ground while trying to maintain my balance.  I turned around as I was running and noticed what to be hundreds of shoes scattered throughout the streets.  In my mind these shoes represented a person who lost their life.

Continuing to run with my coworkers we began to experience a tremor which shook our core.  It was the second tower collapsing in the background. At this point I separated from my coworkers and decided to find my mom who worked at that time in Rockefeller Center in Midtown.  Disoriented and unable to hear correctly from the deafening sound of the towers that collapsed I continued to run towards midtown.  Soon after I was able to hail a bus filled with military soldiers.  The bus driver and military people on board provided me with water and eye solution.  I was dropped ten blocks away from Rockefeller Center were I met my mother.  Unable to get home that night because of all closures in the city my mother and I stood in the city.

Here is a YouTube video that I made of the aftermath of that day:


9 thoughts on “Remembering The Past 9/11/01

  1. Jennifer E. McFadden

    That must have been a horrible sight in person, it was bad enough seeing those images on TV. I remember watching the news at college that morning and thinking, ‘that’s where I grew up, that’s my home.’

    The music and images go very well together, very chilling. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. Anthony F. Rando Post author

    Hi Jen. Yes it was very scary being in NY that day. The youtube video that I created was made last year. I had a collection of pictures that I put together in the video.

  3. Stacy S. Jensen (@StacySJensen)

    I’ve had chills all week hearing the stories on NPR and other news sources as people recall what happened that day. Each stories shares a different detail. For example, I hate to hear about the people jumping and it doesn’t come up in many stories. I think it’s important to share that. The video was very powerful too. It upset me to think about the children in the dust. I’m glad you were able to wait and eventually find your mother. I think it is so important to remember what happened that day.

  4. Anthony F. Rando Post author

    Thank you Stacy and Lady Jai for sharing your comments and experiences from this day . The world will never be the same because of terrorism. We must hope that God will protect us when things go wrong in the world. Bless u

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