Final Edits are Complete

Hannah, my editor for “When the Rain Stops: Poetry That Refreshes the Soul” completed the second round of edits.  I’m grateful for her help in completing the final edits for my poetry book.  Next step is cover design.  Getting closer to completion!!!


3 thoughts on “Final Edits are Complete

  1. fandina72

    Fantastic! What a great feeling that must be and one I am hoping will happen for me in the future 🙂 Looking forward to hearing (and seeing!) how your cover design end up.

  2. Anthony F. Rando Post author

    Hi Susannah,

    Thank you for the kind comments 🙂 .It’s been a long road completed the book. I have several images for the cover design. Not sure what image the publisher will be using yet. I will post the cover image on my blog when completed.

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