Creating Memorable Characters

It may seem obvious, but creating characters that are distinct and different are very important to a novel success. For me, I find it difficult to write about memorable characters for my mafia novel. Keeping my novel interesting especially when I introduce a new character to the story line while focusing on clear impression of the character’s uniqueness to the reader can make my head spin at times!

Can you create characters that are memorable for a reader?  Did you find it easy or difficult to create the character? 


11 thoughts on “Creating Memorable Characters

  1. fandina72

    For me it helps to do a character profile. That way, heaps of details about them come to the fore and I really get to know them. Most of the things you discover about a character from doing a profile, don’t make it into the final story by IMO it gives the characters depth and believability.
    Keep at it! 🙂

  2. karenselliott

    Whether or not you use it all or not, I think the writer needs to know each character’s background … where and how they grew up, what challenges and set-backs they’ve had, what bad or good relationships they’ve had, events in the character’s life that helped shape who they are and determine HOW THEY REACT to events in the novel.

  3. stacysjensen

    Have you heard of Louis Ferrante? He was interviewed on Bob Edwards Weekend this morning (or I heard it this morning). He’s written two books based on his experience in the mafia. Very interesting guy. He studied literature in prison. Dissected it so he could learn to write. He has a new book: Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach a Legitimate Businessman. Here’s a link that will hopefully get you to the interview. Might be a resource for your mafia characters.

  4. Anthony F. Rando Post author

    Kathryn thank you for stopping by. I signed up for your fan page and blog. I like your process of exploring your character when you write

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