First Draft

I just started writing a new mafia novel and am so thrilled with the way the ideas are flowing from my mind to the keyboard. When new ideas come to me I jot them down on paper and mull over how and where to include them into the manuscript. Writing the first draft is much more enjoyable than editing, so I’ve focused on the creative part of writing recently.

Do you prefer writing first drafts to editing too?


2 thoughts on “First Draft

  1. stacysjensen

    I think I like editing better, because I’ve been stuck on manuscript. However, I have been writing shorter projects. This probably means I need to break my bigger project into smaller sections. Then, I can edit. I’ll be interested in the mafia novel. In college, I studied in Italy for a summer and the police warnings to be careful while in Sicily still make me smile. Or the Italian men on a train bound for Palermo, who assured me the mafia never harm women. “You should be safe,” they said.

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