Migraines and Writing

Three years ago this month, I was driving to New Jersey for a weekend a bus hit me. The bus driver took off, and left me with a totaled car and a visit to the hospital. I had shoulder surgery, physical therapy for these past three years, and still have limited use of my left hand.

Some days I write for hours while other days I’m in bed with a stiff neck and a migraine. As a result, writing on a daily schedule is difficult for me. But my love of  reading, writing stories and poetry guide me through my bad days. I try to think of some new plot details or scenes which I can add to my story to help avoid frustration.

You may not have these types of injuries, but I imagine you have days when you don’t feel well enough to write. Do you get frustrated with your ailment, or do you make good use of the time by thinking of plot details?


5 thoughts on “Migraines and Writing

  1. stacysjensen

    I’m sorry to hear about your continued problems from the accident. Tuesday I was prescribed a brace for my right hand to relieve early signs of carpal tunnel. It’s been frustrating trying to type and write with this thing on, but I’m pushing through. When I can’t jot down an idea in a notebook, I’ll use a digital recorder. Otherwise, I’ll forget.

  2. Cathryn Grant

    How strange that you commented on my blog and I came over here and you’re blogging about migraines. I get migraines and I absolutely can’t write when I have one. Luckily in my situation (not related to an injury), medication can kill them fairly quickly 90% of the time. When it doesn’t I get very frustrated.

    I fantasize about writing when I have a migraine because I think it would produce something unusual, but when I actually have one, I realize how ridiculous that is.

    It’s great that you’ve learned to work your writing life around the realities of your situation.

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