Marketing Your Book

When Should You Market Your Book?

I feel regardless of what you’ve read on the internet, the marketing process should begin long before the writing process unless of course, the reward aspect of the finished product is of no concern to you. However, one will have a difficult time marketing and promoting a book if no one has an interest in it.

Do you agree with my thoughts on marketing a book?  Any thoughts on how to market a book to readers?



3 thoughts on “Marketing Your Book

  1. Stacy S. Jensen

    Authors do need to market their work before it’s a completed work. At a recent writer’s conference, it seemed both fiction and nonfiction writers were asked by agents and editors: Do you have a blog or Twitter and Facebook accounts? Whether you are traditionally published or self-publish, you have to be part of the marketing of your book today. I add most of my “to be” read books through blogs and Tweets these days.

  2. Anthony F. Rando Post author

    I should go to a writer’s conference since I live in NY. An agent once told me about the need to market your work before you publish it, so I set up my FB, twitter, blog, and website as my first poetry book was released.

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