Writing Fiction

I enjoy learning how to write fiction, and reading through my old, rougher versions of my writing was a wealth of inspiration recently.

A few nights ago I opened an old version that I kept on my small lap top and found one of my original drafts of The Enchanted Locket. After reading it, I realized that I could use some of it for one of the main ghost characters to be four-dimensional.

Jennifer McFadden (my co-author) and I wrote about three chapters about Emma, our young ghost, and her perspective on the everything before we went back to the original plot. Reading through the chapters I wrote with Emma and then weaving in just enough of her information to further the plot has been a wonderful writing experience that has enriched the plot.

I’m also learning about writing my characters’ emotions so they read as authentic, which is not as easy I thought.



3 thoughts on “Writing Fiction

  1. writernubbin

    I’m glad to meet Jennifer’s co-author! I’ve been following her blog for a short time now, and am very anxious to read The Enchanted Locket. Writing believable characters and authentic emotions is a challenge, for sure. However, once accomplished, I find it most satisfying as a writer. I wish you both much success!!

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