Poetry in eBook Format

While searching for an eBook online I came across an interesting article from the Huffington Post: Poetry And eBooks: Will Poems Ever Work In eBook Formatting?

The article addresses the complexity of creating an eBook for poetry. Billy Collins,a popular poet, recently downloaded his latest collection of poetry on his Kindle and discovered an unpleasant surprise. “I found that even in a very small font that if the original line is beyond a certain length, they will take the extra word and have it flush left on the screen, so that instead of a three-line stanza you actually have a four-line stanza.”

A poems format must be precise when creating poetry.  Changing the format will alter the poem and change the poems meaning. The article continues on to state “A leading developer of e-reading technology, eBook Technologies, is working on improving the formatting for poetry.”

Overall, I found this article to be informative in addressing the issues with poetry eBooks.  Hopefully, this will be an easy fix for eBook Technologies.