How to Read Poetry

Reading poetry is different from reading fictional writing. Poetry is usually shorter, often in short lines with space formed around the poem. Each word in a good poem is important to the meaning of the poem. Here’s a good way to read poetry:

  1. Read the poem straight through. I suggest reading it aloud with passion, because most poems are meant to be heard and felt.
  2. Read the poem again, trying to understand the exact sense of all the words that make up the poem. Some words may have more than one meaning.

Paraphrase the poem in regular words. This means asking yourself, “What does this poem say, line by line?” This helps you understand it better, and also to see the difference between regular writing prose and poetry.

  1. Ask yourself, “What’s going on with this poem?”

The Journey of Existence, coming July, 2011, is a collection of 71 poems that explores nature, love, remorse, emptiness and healing through poetry that cleanse the soul. It is a continuation from my published collection of nineteen poems A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul.

Have fun reading and analyzing my poem:

The Yearning within the Soul

Just like the waves longing for the shore

My lips are longing to kiss you

Sun is loved by nature

And the earth is loved by the sea

My arms are eager to hold you

Wishing you are here with me

A fire for your warmth

Eyes hungry to see you

Hands to hold your heart

Close to my lonely soul

The desires of life

Burning for you


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