Poem "The Sea"

The Sea

The doors of his soul
Closed to the ever
Changing desires of tomorrow

Lost to the struggles of love and life
In the distance hope crashes into the shoreline
Setting free the darkness in his eyes

Glowing with life
Revealing places
Between earth and the sky

Precious and real
As he holds on to the memory
That his mind could not fade away

Giving freedom
To places locked inside
And when he looks into her eyes
He drifts deeper in his mind

As the tears cascade from the sky
Lost from the beauty of her eyes
Giving one more glance before he says goodbye

Feeling the emptiness
As he holds on from the distance
Till he surrenders to the beauty of her existence

How many dreams will end
Locked up inside
As the shackles of yesterday
Set him free from the inside

With arms stretched across the sky
He feels the touch
Like the warmth of the sun
Holding on till eternity
Till the sea
Crashes into the shoreline one last time

With the splendor of her smile
He prays to the heavens
For the gift
That grows with ocean tide