Book Production and Book Giveaway

First and foremost, I am humbled by all the wonderful comments on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon for my debut poetry book A Book of Poems. I would like to thank everybody for accepting my fan page on Facebook and for clicking “suggest to friends.” Thank you for the support! 

Starting in April production of my second poetry book  The Journey of Existence will take shape.  During this process editors will review my manuscript and suggest modifications to the book if needed.  After this, conceptual editing will begin in May.  During this process editors will add photos and graphic material to my book.

The Journey of Existence is a collection of  71 poems that explores nature, love, remorse, emptiness and healing through poetry that cleanse the soul. It is a continuation from my published collection of nineteen poems  A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul.

Book giveaway for A Book of Poems on Goodreads is still going on! Enter to win a copy! Over 317  people entered in this drawing so far!

This contest is for a signed Chapbook. This collection of poetry contains the work of nineteen poems. Each poem expresses emotions of love, happiness, sadness and hope. There are poems in this collection that are sure to appeal to everyone’s emotions.

Giveaway dates: Jan 08-Mar 08, 2011
2 copies available