Poem "The Shoreline"

The Shoreline

I am falling into the deepest ocean
Immersed in the love we share
Drowning for you with each breath I take

Holding hands till eternity
As we swim to the shoreline of love
Bathing in your affection
Gazing at the beauty of life

With one look in your eyes
We lay near the tide
Watching night sky approach our hearts
As the flames warm our soul
While you begin to cry

Revealing the places we hide
In ways that can’t be spoken
Ever and eternally for you
I am falling till it hurts to say goodbye

Cradled in my arms
I’ve memorized your face
I know your touch by heart
Still lost in your embrace

I’d say a prayer each time you smile
I’d stop the world if only I could
Let this memory last a lifetime



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