12 Ideas to Write Poetry On

Writing poetry for a loved one or writing professionally can be a difficult task to complete.  Sometimes we can experience writer’s block when coming up with ideas to write about. 

Searching the internet I found a great website that lists twelve ideas to write poetry on.  I found this website very helpful when creating poems. I would like to share this website ideas with you:

  1. Parents – Bad memories, good memories? Writing poems about someone close helps the reader relate to what is being said.
  2. Love – Romance always brings emotion. When speaking of a relationship, others fantasize about what they could have; forcing them to want more.
  3. Past relationships – Broken heart, love gone bad or just childhood memories. All mentioned have been proven to draw readers.
  4. Friends – Have a funny story or just a friend you will never forget? Write about it! Just make sure it has rhythm.
  5. Friend betrayals – Tell your story. What happened to make you part?
  6. Interests – Is there a certain TV show you just can’t stop watching? How about that new book that just came out? Watch out for copyrights.
  7. Hobbies  What do you do in your free time and what do you love about it? Share it with the world in meters!
  8. Celebrities – Have a funny tale about an actor? Just be careful, you don’t want to be sued in the process.
  9. Nature – Aw, isn’t that dog cute! And the way those leaves are blowing today, ohhhh the sunset. How much more perfect could it be – for a poem?
  10. Politics – Don’t you just hate the way those right wingers are controlling our government? And how about those left wingers? They just boil my cucumber!
  11. Astronomy – The stars are beautiful tonight, Saturn is finally showing… I hope Mars doesn’t get too jealous.
  12. School – Lunch time in the cafeteria is always an adventure – not to mention all the drama that goes on during it. Drama is poetries best friend.