Wonderful Reviews on Amazon!

I would like to thank everybody for the wonderful reviews on Amazon for my debut poetry book: A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul. Poetry is a beautiful expression of feelings and emotions that opens my soul to the world. I would like to share some reviews posted on Amazon:

Simplicity is the basis of the soul, October 8, 2010
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

This review is from: A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul (Paperback)
Simplicity is the basis of the soul. “A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul” is a collection of nineteen poems from Anthony F. Rando, as he produces a quick and simple collection designed to go the basest emotions. “A Book of Poems” is an intriguing take on the meaning of the soul, recommended. “Fields of Love”: The memories of you/ The times we spent/The happiness you brought to my life/the emptiness I feel when you are gone/the endless tears of my heart thinking about you/The gentle warm wind that caress my precious life/As I wait till the end of time/For the flower who blossomed in my soul.

Live, love, lost and hope, September 28, 2010:

By  Book-lover

This review is from: A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul (Paperback)

This is what this collection of poems from Anthony Rando is all about. He is an amazing poet who turned a tragedy and hardship that comes with it into beautiful poems about your inner strength and the ability to move on albeit with a bleeding heart.

The poems in this book are easy read with very deep emotions run through them. They bring readers along an unforgettable journey from memory of love one in the past, to the lost being experienced in the present to the hope in the future. This is what being human is all about, it’s about resilience, and it’s about the ability to get past the tragedy and to move on.

I definitely recommend this book especially for those that have lost their love one. This book can help the healing process by reading about someone who has gone through the suffering and to know that there are always light at the end of the tunnel.

Great Coffee Table Book!, September 22, 2010

By:  T. M. Craig (Ohio)   
This review is from: A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul (Paperback)

“A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul” by Anthony F. Rando is a great collection of poetry. It ranges from many emotions of sadness, love, loss, and hope. The poems can stir up many emotions you thought were buried. The author clearly put his heart and soul in these pieces. This would be a great book to keep on your coffee table!

Living and Loving, September 17, 2010

By  J. Cormier (New England)
This review is from: A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul (Paperback)

If you know anyone that enjoys poetry then pick up the book titled “A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul” by Anthony F. Rando. He brings and shares such emotion that you cannot help but feel the pain, the joy and the laughter. His poetry is beautiful and with this short collection it is easy to keep by your bedside. If these are about experiences he has had in his life then he has had a passionate life and has had the joy of loving and of being loved. This would be a book to enjoy for quiet reading and quiet moments where you let your thoughts run. You will truly enjoy this collection.

Anthony F Rando



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