Touching Reviews. Thank You!

I just wanted to give a big thank you for all the wonderful customer reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble  book websites for my debut poetry book” A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul.”

G. Reba from Panama City Florida writes on amazon “It is often said that even in the face of tragedy, there is beauty to be seen. “A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul” by Anthony F. Rando was born out of tragedy in the form of an auto accident, leaving behind in its wake a bruised body, but an awakened spirit. Feel the pain of the wandering soul in “A Drifting Tale”. See the struggle to return to a life full of meaning on an internal level in “Clear Blue Sky”. Experience the loss of a love yet hopefulness carried of seeing them once again in “Fields of Love”. Have your heart-broken by the sweet sentiments as relayed in “To Be Loved”.

Why is it that it takes such massive events to nudge us in the direction of action? Perhaps it’s the fact that we face our mortality. Whatever the reason, the outcome of such endeavors is often greater than can be imagined. This book of poems has a little something for everyone. Though my interpretations of its content may vary from yours, that is the way of poetry. It allows a world of readers to unite over a passage while experiencing their own emotional highs and lows.”

Feathered Quill Book Review writes on Barnes and Noble website “In A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul, Anthony Rando writes about love, fear, and loss, subjects that have moved authors for as long as people have been writing poetry. Here Rando shares his deepest feelings, exploring them through metaphor and simile. The voice of the poet is earnest throughout this collection. Readers will feel as though Rando wrote the poems in the midst of the intensity of feeling that he describes. They are raw and honest, holding back no emotion; they are love and longing in real-time. The author makes little attempt to temper his passion with balance or perspective. Rando employs images of light and dark to speak of sadness and loss and to contrast that sadness with the joy he dreams of possessing once again. The majority of the poems in the collection are love poems, written for a woman he compares to an angel, of whom he writes, “She is my heaven, my earth. She is everything to my heart.” Some of these poems are written in the second person, speaking directly to her, and many are descriptions of this woman and the overwhelming feelings that the author has for her. Rando showers his beloved with praise and adoration throughout the book. A reader will no doubt long to find someone so worthy or perhaps dream that a poet will one day write such a poem for her. Though most of Rando’s poems are celebrations of the love he has found, and the woman with whom he has found it, the poems speak also of sadness. Rando hints at the loneliness he felt before finding this love, the emptiness he feels without her. “The Rose from Afar” is an example of this tension between joy and emptiness. The Rose from Afar The sweet smell of her skin A warm wind embracing my heart Like a blanket wrapped around my soul The morning sunshine surrounds the mountains above A beautiful rose appears from afar Colors so vibrant they illuminate your darkest days Tears fill my eyes as I watch the rose disappear into the night sky Missing my rose, like love missing from my empty heart. Rando truly writes from the heart, expressing his joy and his pain with equal intensity. The title of this collection, The Inner Soul is fitting, as this book is Rando’s deepest and most personal emotions set on paper. Quill says: Passionate poems about love, loneliness, and loss.”

Thank You,