A Poem For My Friends

I am sharing a poem A Drifting Tide  from my poetry book  “A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul. ”  Enjoy and comment!  Author Anthony F. Rando 

A Drifting Tide

An endless ocean surrounding a vessel at sea
Lost, no way back home
Drifting in a storm
Shattered, torn, hopeless in the hours of darkness
The heart wanders further in the storm of uncertainty
Wanting, wishing, eager to return to the safe harbor
That once stored the vessel
The vessel continues to push along
As the waves crash into the fragile heart
Darkness turns to a morning sky
A glimmer of hope, a turning point, a moment of happiness
The harbor that once stored the vessel
Is found again in the distance
Hope turns to healing
Healing turns to happiness
Happiness turns to love
The drifting tide leads us back from the storm of uncertainty
Finding what was once lost at sea
Published May 2010


@2010 Anthony F. Rando. All rights reserved 

Library of Congress Control Number: 2010905474